Sovereign Military Order of the Temple of Jerusalem  
       Jim Wallace is now a Knights Templar      
On Saturday, May 17, 2003 I was inducted into the SMOTJ, Priory of St. James of Jerusalem. The induction was held at the Princeton Club in New York City. Below are some pictures of the investiture service, the reception and dinner-dance.       back to Jim's SMOTJ page

      Jim & Nancy Wallace in the Princeton Club lobby.       Coat of Arms of Chev. James L. Wallace, KTJ

Postulates Rich Wilson & Jim Wallace with a Knight from France

       My "Fair Lady" Nancy Wallace

Knights & Dames preparing for the Convent & Induction Service

       Postulates Jim Wallace & Rich Wilson

       Chev. Larry Slight KCTJ with the new Prior al Flag of the Priory of St. James of Jerusalem

Chev. Larry Slight KCTJ carrying flag and Prior Chev. Dale Leppard at the rear

Other Knights & Dames entering.

The Grand Chaplain, His Eminence Archbishop Herbert M. Groce, Jr.

The Official SMOTJ Grand Priory Pipe Major

His Beatitude Metropolitan Theodosius, Spiritual Protector of the Order

Postulate James Wallace

Chev. James Wallace is dubbed a Knight Templar by BGen Chev. Patrick Rea GOTJ

Chevs. Rich Wilson, Jim Wallace & Jim Schmelzer await the dubbing of other new knights

Presenting the new Knights & Dames

Another "Kodak" moment

Chevs. Jim Schmelzer & Jim Wallace show off their new jewelry


The three new Knights of the Priory of St. James of Jerusalem

Chevs. James Wallace, KTJ and his sponsor Larry Slight, KCTJ

Nancy dances with her Knight

Chev. Rich Wilson, KTJ and his lady Amy Wilson

All pictures taken May 17, 2003 and the property of Chev. James Wallace KTJ.
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