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Jim Wallace
FM18ox - Bowie, MD USA
      James L Wallace Arms

I've been a ham since 1979 and got my Extra Class with CW in 1981. I'm getting back into CW after a 22 year hiatus and really enjoying it. SKCC # 6459 and FISTS # 15404. See my Morse Code KEYS below.

Currently in the shack I'm running on HF, a IC-7410 and LDG Z-100 tuner into a G5RV antenna as a sloper from 10' to 30' running almost NS.  I also have a 20M-15M-10M dipole at 10 ft. above the roof ridge vent and about 40 ft.agl. running NE-SW.  More antennas planned for HF/6M.

On VHF/UHF, I run a Icom IC-910 on FM, SSB & CW to a Comet GP-6 dual band vertical for FM. I hope to soon have a 5 el. Yagi on 6M, 10 el. Yagi on 2M and stacked halos on both 144 and 432 and yagis for gain.

I also have a RMS/Packet station N3ADF-10, running 50 W to a 2M coliniar at 45 ft. on 145.750 MHz. for WL2K "Airmail" to support the Prince George's County ARES, where I am the Assistant Emergency Communicator (AEC) for Web Master.


Ameco K-4 on aluminum base with non-skid rubber on the bottom and added finger plate under button.
This is my favorite key as it is what I learned on. I have three of them all alike.

A Nye "Viking." A very heavy key with a very smooth and quiet action. But no shorting blade for tuning.

"Navy Flamproof" - by some other company than Bunnell. A very smooth key.
I Haven't put it on a base yet so I haven't used it.

"Czech Military" key. Very smooth and quiet that I'm using most of the time.

"Western Electric Test Set Key" Very small and perfect for a QRP rig.
I have two of these, a #1 and and #3. The W.E. Test Set came with four keys with shorting bars.

A 1964 Viboplex "Standard" with carring case. Bought off eBay for $90.
I need to completely disassemble and clean it before I even put it on the air.
I also have to get my receiving code speed up first because this thing starts at about 20 words per minute.

Newly acquired from an estate - unknown "J-38 type" key.  Needs a bit of cleaning but has a very nice feel.
Labelled on the bottom of wood base: "SC1184A" - Also base casting has "185?? on bottom.

May be a U.S. Navy radio hand key made by Signal Electric Mfg. Co. Steel main lever, brass base.
I have seen a photo of similar key on the same wood base that was marked E.F. Johnson M-100.
Many manufactors used the Bunnell patent drawings after it expired in the early 1900's.


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