Hi, my name is James L. Wallace, but I answer to "Jim or Jim Bowie."
I have been married to my best friend, Nancy Lee for more than 25 years. We have two grown daughters, Nikki & Katy and two Grand-daughters, Kayla & Emma and two Grand-Sons, Ethan and Jeremiah.
I am an industrial technician for a "major metropolitan daily" newspaper. John Phillip Sousa wrote a march for it!

Some of my many hobbies in no preferrencial order are:

The kilt I am wearing in the picture at the right is the "Wallace Blue" tartan. Click Wallace tartans to see pictures of all the Wallace tartans. The background on this page is a dimmed version of the "Wallace Blue."

No, I'm not Scottish. I've traced my Wallace ancestry back to the early 1700s in Northern Ireland. But I am very proud to carry the name of Scotland's national hero, William Wallace, also known as "Braveheart." Here's a link to a more correct account of William Wallace. It's not the Hollywood version of Braveheart.

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