The Wallace Tartans

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Thanks to the Scottish Tartan Society and their Tartan Registry for use of the GIFs of Wallace tartans. The background tartan along the left is the "Braveheart" plaid that was specially woven for use in the Mel Gibson movie.

Wallace "Red" or Wallace "Dress"
This tartan also comes in the Achient (where the red is almost an orange color) and the Weathered where the colors are muted.

This is the tartan that 3M used on their "Scotch ®" brand tape packaging.

Wallace "Hunting" - Wallace "Green"
This also comes in the Anchient and Weathered.

You may also recognize this tartan as it is used on the 3M "Scotch ® Magic" tape packaging.

The Wallace "Blue".

This tartan is not often seen. The previous Chief, the late Lt. Col. Malcolm Wallace of that Ilk, said when asked about the Wallace Blue, "it is a very nice tartan, but it's not Wallace". Malcolm only recognized the Red Wallace and under duress, the Green.

Supposedly, there is another tartan that goes by the name of "Wallace Dress Blue", that it is used by dancers in Highland Dancing compititions. Supposedly it looks like the Blue tartan above but the green is replaced by white.

Wallace of Dundee.

This is known as a district tartan and therefore
not recognized by the Chief of the Clan. It is unlike any of the other variations of the more common Wallace setts. The Wallace of Dundee is refered to on page 35 of Charles B. Wallace's book, "The Clan Wallace".

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